Experienced iOS Obj-c game coder required

Experienced iOS Obj-c game coder required


Job Description

I'm looking for an experienced iOS Obj-c game coder to finish off a game project.

I've spent about 8 months coding the game, and now need to take a step back from the coding and concentrate on other aspects of the project so I need someone to come in and finish off the coding.

Mostly this will entail making sure what's already coded works well and there are no bugs.

The game is a Fantasy, resource, asynchronous multiplayer strategy game.

If you have not coded an iOS Obj-c game and had it launched on the Apple App store please do not apply for this job.

List of requirements of any candidates.

1) You have experience of programming iOS Obj-c games before, and can show examples on the App store.
2) You will sign an NDA.
3) All rights to the code you create will belong to me.
4) You are available to work on this everyday for a 2-3 month period. (you do not have to spend the entire day on the project, unless that is required by the workload).
5) You are available to fix any bugs/issues that arise for a month after the game launches on the App store.
6) You will be available for communication by email and skype (just text chat and if needed) within a 24 hr period.
7) You have experience integrating with server databases.
8) This game uses the Sparrow frame work, and Parse.com if you have experience using any of those that would be great.
9) You will not have to create any assets, all graphics/sound fx will be provided to you.
10) Have an iPhone 4/4s/5 and an iPad2/mini or iPad 3.

This is a rough list of the actual work required.

1) The game was initially created for iPhone 4S. A few months ago I decided to make it universal and we started to do some work to make it work on the iPad 2/mini/iPad 3. You will need to finish this off and get the game working perfectly on all devices from the iPhone 3GS all the way up to the iPad 3 and any other iDevices that Apple may release during the development period.

2) Time permitting, improve any of the code which has already been coded, especially if you think the current code will create possible bugs, creates unnecessary bottlenecks in how the game accesses the database or slows the game down.

3) The game relies heavily on an always on connection, connecting to Parse.com (which holes all the games/players data). This is all coded and working but no work has been done on what happens if the connection is lost between the game and server. You will need to code fall backs for all database access points in the game, with a appropriate msg being displayed for the player.

4) Work through and fix a list of bugs, and any other bugs that come up from when you start the work until 1 month after the game has launched.

5) Implement options screen, Implement loading bar, Implement the IAP's (this will be done through Parse.com), Implement tutorial (I will provide you a description of how this needs to be done, you just need to code it.), Implement bonus screen, Implement continuous scroll of pagination for various screens in the game, Spy on village. Implement leaderboard.

6) Facebook and Twitter integration via Parse.com.

7) Put in various sound fx. I will provide the actual sound fx assets, you just need to put them in (very easy in Sparrow).

8) Write down into a log, details of any new code you create and changes to old code, so I can see what's changed.

9) Work with me to do stress testing to make sure the game can handle many players playing (it's asynchronous but I still want to be sure there are no issues if lots of players are playing).

10) Make sure the game works with iOS7.

11) Work with me to help polish the game.

12) Implement the feedback on the game I give you. This could be any number of small changes that are needed depending upon what feedback we get from the play testers.

Essentially your job is to make sure there are no bugs, it works on all devices, and the game is ready to be launched on the App store.

For some reason it's showing the start date as immediately, which is not correct. The start date would probably be in a few weeks. Any payments would also be paid in stages according to work completed.