Project Management VA


Job Description


1) Need VA for managing hiring, pre-screening and interviewing prospective candidates.

2) You will be managing job posting on Odesk.

1) Problem solver. Organizational skills are good to have.

2) Proactive in giving status and very fast to respond

3) Your hours must overlap with 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri GMT-5 time (ie, USA E time.)

4) Must be available on Skype during those hours

1) We hire for LONG TERM.

2) Great team with friendly people.

3) Several of our team members have made over $1000.

4) We help you succeed at your task.

1. Give short explanation on why you think we should hire you instead of anyone else?

2. Please also include an answer for this pre-interview question: If someone put a gun to your head and you had to put together the ideal team? How would you get qualifies candidates? How would you pre-screen prospects?

3. All applications must include the keyword "perfect project person"

4. Lower bids give you an advantage. Please Bid appropriately. You bid rate may get you rejected. The lower the bid the better.

Skills: management