Twilio SMS Keyword Responder

Twilio SMS Keyword Responder


Job Description

We seek development of a Twilio twimlet or script that sends a given SMS message in response to a given keyword, plus a ‘fallback’ message for any unrecognized keyword. I’ll describe an example of use to make this more clear.

Assume we have the following keywords:


Assume we have text responses for each keyword:
•The domestic cat is a small mammal.
•The domestic dog is a subspecies of the gray wolf.
•Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae.

Assume we have a fallback text response as well:
A pet (or companion animal) is a household animal kept for a person's enjoyment.

Assume we have a provisioned Twilio number, e.g. 3605551212, and assume that we publish this number somewhere.

When someone SENDS a text to that number with the single word “Cat”, they’ll simply receive an immediate response with answer #1. We’d prefer the script handle text-case (Cat, cat, cAt, caT, etc).

When someone sends a text to that number with anything else - e.g. “hello” - they’ll receive a return response with the fallback text. Responses can all stay within single-SMS-message length.

We want to be able to implement the same functionality, on different Twilio numbers, with different content.

The simpler, the better. We have access/control to our own domains and hosting (MediaTemple GS), but no on-staff developers or IT. Ideally, implementing a new number with a new set of responses is as simple as copying the script to a new URL, filling in new keywords and responses, and hooking up the call from the new Twilio number.

This isn't a mad-rush project with a deadline :-)

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