Job Description


ABSTRACT: The goal of this project is to explain the foundations and present samplings of
significant work in query optimization and query processing using algebraic expressions in
parallel database management systems. There has been extensive work in query optimization
since two decades. Obtaining the desired information from a database system in a predictable
and reliable fashion is The scientific art of Query Processing and Getting processed query results
in timely manner is called Query Optimization. Therefore, we have decided to focus primarily
on the optimization of SQL queries in relational database systems. We used two methods of
query optimization techniques such as Heuristic-based query optimization and Cost-based query
optimization to compare the response time for both techniques.

DESCRIPTION: Need to show the effective implementation of join operation in a query since
join is a expensive binary operation. So, need to investigate the ways in which we can reduce the
time and cost. This can be done by “heuristics” with different JOIN ALGORITHMS . We need
to compare the results (i.e time and cost) of the following algorithms.

1.Simple Nested Loop Join

2.Block Nested Loop Join

3.Index Nested Loop Join

4. Sort Merge Join

5.Hash Join

In our project we must calculate the time for the processing of a query of each of the above
algorithms and even cost should be found using COST BASED QUERY OPTIMIZATION

INVESTIGATION: Use of cache for developing efficient Join implementation schemes.


1) Back end :MYSQL( SQL)
2) Front end: Java or Dot net

DATA BASE: Anything compatible (College database available in oracle).

Skills: management

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