IPAD APP For BAR and Grill 2


Job Description

I am looking for a Ipad app that could be stand alone and scaled to be on server and have multiple locations.
I want the majority of the functions to act like the mobile app Ambur.
I want the developer to look at this app and develop wire frame from this

Things that need to be improved:
splitting of check
Except gift cards and have a back end data to host gift cards
price levels (big deal for me) I want to be able to have each item adjust depending on time. I.E. if I had a bottle of beer i would be able to designate the price depending on the time. So app should have 4 price levels and a schedule to implement the level.

I don't want user to delete after item is printed
I want manager control over discounts

Thinks i like about app
on the order screen when you set up groups its a quick link box that takes you to that group. I.E. Appetizer, Burgers, box would take you to respected items

order screen i like that it has all the functions, like spot to discount, payment, etc.

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