Automation System


Job Description

A web scraping artist that can magically render and analyse that data on a website, mathematician, automation junkie to work with in the long term. We need a crew member.

The ideal applicant has a vast knowledge from art to science. Not only being interested in one thing, and has wide perspective, worldwide massive scale. Any type weirdness to fetishes are accepted of this crew. Respect is there.

Neat Code, high standards, long term vision of their execution.
Up to date with the current trends in Programming in General, backend+frontend (ideal), PHP, Xpath, Web development, Mobile, UNIX, iOS

Ability to create programs on the fly, test and launch quickly.

Anyone with speed and creativity, loyal and love programming, your professional engineering opinions are respected in our space.

Most importantly they have to be reachable/contactable at all times.

If you are into trying to change the world that you are in, please, knock on this door and we can talk.

Skills: test, engineering, unix