Report:You have 2000 words to put forward your view of your group’s recommendation for a new Luxury Consultancy Service.

Report:You have 2000 words to put forward your view of your group’s recommendation for a new Luxury Consultancy Service.


Job Description


The aim of this business game is to provide a practical application of knowledge and skills to a realistic industry scenario set within the context of the luxury sector. Thegroup project will involve team work, time management,organisational and communication skills assessed through a mix of group and individual assessment. It integrates a number of subject areas including management, finance and marketing from both strategic and operational perspectives.

The business must serve luxury clients and the proposedservice process and consultancy experience must be consistent with your proposed brand concept and market position. You must therefore plan the service features that form the consultancy service experience and create a clear point of difference that will set you apart from others. The range of service features is left for you to decide, but it must represent a viable commercial proposal. Consequently it is important that you consider the macro context, in which the business will operate.

You will be organised into groups based on the results of the MBTI test already taken. As this is a group project a key part of you initial team work will be the allocation ofthe roles and responsibilities within the group. Below are some suggestions based on likely business requirements. However, you may decide that other roles / functions are more suited to your proposed consultancy business.
Individuals in your group must take responsibility for particular function(s) / areas.

Manager: Oversight of business and new business development / agreeing strategy and organisational priorities

Specialist consultant(s) including responsibility for all external communications including PR, social media, events, sales (across traditional and new media)

Financial controller: responsibility for strategic and operational financial management

Assessment evidence (What you have to produce)

Group work but individual report and reflection

You are required to complete three separate elements of assessment for this module. The first is an individual2000 word report on your proposal and recommendations, which forms the basis of the second, which is a group presentation of what you have done. The final piece of assessment is an individual 1000-word reflective statement reviewing what you have learned from the experience.

Learning Resources

In addition to those provided by subject lecturers, you will have access to the global information resource WGSN and the Euromonitor International: Luxury Goods database (via the library’s online database)

The module will also feature a guest talk from PeterEmrys-Roberts (Director of Era Studios), a specialistdesign consultancy service.

Report (Guidance)

You have 2000 words to put forward your view of your group’s recommendation for a new Luxury Consultancy Service.


The report is an individual submission that reflects your personal written presentation of the group’s proposal and recommendations and reflects your particular role in the business development.

A good proportion of the report will feature shared ‘information’ (e.g. facts, proposals, data), which is the combined and agreed view of all members across the relevant functions / roles. For example, the financial data and recommendations (e.g. price, margin, budgeting, cash flow) will be data you all share; as would the name and brand positioning of the venture, client profile etc.

Individually you should produce a report which provides a coherent explanation of the proposal and recommendations but within the particular context of your individual role. So if you have taken responsibility for the PR / communications, then your report will have a strong focus on explaining and justifying the PR / communications plan. The specific plan will be shared among your colleagues but you would provide the supporting explanation. Similarly the person in charge of finance would explain and justify the financial position they have supplied to you and other colleagues (financial data -see above).

So the report will feature a number of shared elements contextualised by an individual’s explanation of their role / function.

Skills: management, finance, marketing, test

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