Need 300 unique tweets related to technology support

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description


I need a twitter / content expert to write 100 unique and individual tweets related to our service.

We provide remote computer support and need 100 unique tweets that we can post to our twitter account daily..

Each tweet must comprise of a problem + solution and a discount element

Example: If you're having problems installing a new printer, get remote printer support and save 20%. Click here to get started...

The above example took me less than 30 seconds to create... so this is not a complicated task...

Even with thinking about what to write.. a tweet should not take more than 60 to 90 seconds...

This project should not take more than a day or two if spread over a couple of days.. total time of about 8hrs

The above example may not be the optimum way to get engagement, so your creativity will mean everything.

All tweets should maximize tweet length of 140 characters... with a minimum of 110 characters

Tweets must be related to the following keywords:

computer support
computer repair
computer hardware
computer software

configure Microsoft software
configure device drivers
configure peripherals
configure computer hardware
configure computer software
configure scanner
configure wireless network
configure wireless network card
configure wep security
configure wpa security
configure wireless security
install Microsoft software
install device drivers
install peripherals
install computer hardware
install computer software
install scanner
install wireless network
install wireless network card
install wep security
install wpa security
install wireless security
troubleshoot Microsoft software
troubleshoot device drivers
troubleshoot peripherals
troubleshoot computer hardware
troubleshoot computer software
troubleshoot scanner
troubleshoot wireless network
troubleshoot wireless network card
troubleshoot wep security
troubleshoot wpa security
troubleshoot wireless security
remote Microsoft software support
remote device drivers support
remote peripherals support
remote computer hardware support
remote computer software support
remote scanner support
remote wireless network support
remote wireless network card support
remote wep security support
remote wpa security support
remote wireless security support
online Microsoft software support
online device drivers support
online peripherals support
online computer hardware support
online computer software support
online scanner support
online wireless network support
online wireless network card support
online wep security support
online wpa security support
online wireless security support

virus removal
spyware removal
malware removal
Trojan removal
remote virus removal
remote spyware removal
remote malware removal
remote trojan removal
remote adware removal
online virus removal
online spyware removal
online malware removal
online trojan removal
online adware removal

all tweets need to provided on an excel sheet in the following column format

KW | Tweet |

NOTE all tweets have to be unique related to keywords provided

Quality is mandatory, No Grammar and spelling mistakes..

Any tweets that are incorrect will need to be replaced or corrected.

Payment schedule as follows:

Deliver 10 % of total tweets for review and get paid within 48hrs for the 10% delivered.

Deliver the next 15% and get paid in 48hrs after review

Deliver the next 25 % and get paid in 48hrs after review

Deliver the last 50% and get paid in 96 hours after review

If you are looking for deposit and different terms, please save the keystrokes.

Project is fixed price and not negotiable.

ONCE AGAIN : Tweets have to be unique and engaging.. and utilize all characters per tweet.

Also please provide skype ID for interview

Skills: twitter, wireless, grammar