Malayalam Medical Document- Final Review


Job Description

Hi Colleague,

Hope this mail finds you well.
I have a new Malayalam final review job for you.

You’ll be reviewing and commenting in the excel file. Column A contains the English source. Column I contains the final Malayalam translation. Please review the translation in column I, and leave comments in column K explaining anything you think should be changed and why. Please do not make edits in any other column except K. An example might be “The word for “urinary” should be changed to “____” because this is a more commonly used word.”

Review Guidelines:
During the review, we would like you to keep the following questions in mind as you read the translation.
- Does this target a broad range of reading levels? Please point out to us if you think it only targets on a high reading (or educational) level.
- Are any phrases culturally, religiously, or politically inappropriate?
- Would this questionnaire help a health professional gather the appropriate information from the patients?
- Are any questions unclear or difficult to understand?
- Overall, how comprehensible is the text?
Please keep these questions in mind as you review and provide us with your feedback in a summary in the email. Please also note that the translation has gone through a rigorous process, so at this point it's not ideal to make drastic changes to the translation. Please follow the guideline and focus on the necessary changes if possible.
We'd also request you to be as explicit as possible with the suggestions you make. Kindly do not make any changes to the documents.
You only need to deliver back to me the excel file.
Rate: Rs.500 per hour ( considering it to be a 1 hour job)
Deadline: 01-01-2013, 11 AM IST
I will send you the files once you confirm your availability.
Please confirm your availability and acknowledge the receipt.


Jagjeet Singh
Tel: +91-90410-01171 (INDIA)

Skills: english

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