Personal Assistant Needed, Organized, Go-Getter

Personal Assistant Needed, Organized, Go-Getter


Job Description

I am looking for someone that is very organized, 100% reliable and is able to get things done.

Your tasks include:
- this is high priority - following up with people to ensure we meet the deadlines, so you need to know how to handle people very well to get things done.
- updating a project task list or other documents (Google Docs, etc.).
- taking requirements (able to take detailed notes while talking to me, such as project briefs, etc.).
- taking my feedback and relaying it to the right resource (and vice versa) or asking me questions to close any gaps.
- occasionally, I might ask you to hire particular resources not already covered by the HR team.
- if you have experience in project management, hiring resources, mobile/web products (mobile apps or web products), working with videos editor, copywriters, voice-over artists, developers, designers, email & social media experts, call centers/phone support, landing page, google adwords experts, online presenters and research assistants, that's a definite plus, but not required. These are the type of people you'll be interacting with.

Note, the products/service I launch are mobile app and websites, so it would be good if you know something about these.

Your key strengths:
- I expect super-clean documentation.
- Superstar communicator, who just gets it.
- Fast, efficient.
- 100% honest, 110% reliable.
- Proactive. I want you to proactively provide me updates, ask questions, or follow up with the right people without me having to prompt you for everything.
- Follow up. Please be responsible and follow up to make sure things get done.
- Be available, I don't ever want to find myself chasing after you.
- I prefer someone with no strong accent so I know we can understand each other.

Your Availability: We will set a specific time each day so we can be sure to communicate. Anything outside that, I want you to be available when I text (whatsapp), email, or Skype you. I won't need you when you sleep, but I would like to be able to reach you during the day, if something does come up or I need some updates. I travel lately, so my timezone shifts. I will be on EST timing to start with.

Time Requirement:
- For admin support you will spend perhaps 1-2 hour, just to update the task sheet and check in with everyone for an update. You may need to check in with people at different times since they work in different timezones.
- You will probably spend 10-60 minutes with me per day. On some days we may not speak at all so you might just send an email.

Time Summary: So you can expect to spend around 1-3 hours per day (excluding weekends) on this. Again this depends on your efficiency and ability to deliver quickly and precisely. You might need longer at the start to get the hang of it, but that's entirely up to your skill level and efficiency.

Occasional tasks:
- Posting projects may require 30 minutes on the various sites as it is a question of simply cutting and pasting the content. This is not needed every day; only when I am looking for a resource, not already covered by someone else.
- Filtering potential candidates may require you 1 hour. This is not needed every day, only when I am looking for a resource.
- For ad hoc projects we'll have to see as it comes up.

I am open to hourly, weekly or monthly payment arrangements.

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