Schedule Appointment App


Job Description

I need an app similar too coded

I have pictures of the GUI already and functions of the app.

Its a schedule app. Say your a barber or hairdresser (or any other occupation that requires scheduling clients) you tell your client to download this app and they can schedule they're appointment right on the app. The barber or haridresser can have the app syncronized with his schedule so the clients can see when hes free and when hes booked.
It's an interactive appointment scheduler instead of a person having a secratary they can just use this free app and schedule all their appointments right on there
So next time you want to get a haircut you download this app and type your barbers name or ID # in and schedule an appointment with him righ on the app. You can see what time your barber is free and when hes booked.

I will attach a sample image of the APP, visuals are all done. Just a developer to code the actual app!

The main features being
1.Notifacations to both parties via Notification
2.Sync Schedules with iphone calender + gmail calender