Recreate technical drawings (flat .png) in Solidworks (3D)

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Job Description

We have a bunch of old .png files (see attachments), we would like to have them recreated as 3D Solidworks images.

Here's some explanation about the different types of adapters and our requirements:

- Difference between male/female:
- In the name of each file, you can see if the adapter has NPT, metric or BNP thread
- Specifications of NPT thread:
- Specs of metric thread:
- Specs of BNP thread:
PLEASE NOTE: you don’t have to be this precise, being approximately as exact as the old images is fine. Maybe you can find existing models of these threads, that would be nice
- Difference between conical and standard connection: see 'conical vs standard connection.png'
- The reproductions should have exactly the same file name as the old files (except for the extenstion, of course)
- In the old images, each side is indicated with '1' and '2'. You don’t have to reproduce any indications
- Each adapter has ' XXX bar' engraved on it. Please leave the new versions blank
- We don’t know the exact sizes of the adapters on the pictures, you can make an educated guess based on the old pictures.

We’ll ask interested designers to recreate one sample image (see 'recreate this sample image.png) first before we agree on all pictures. We’ll pay for the sample, of course. Please bid on this one sample image.

Thanks in advance!



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