Looking art for main menu my game, also naming

Looking art for main menu my game, also naming


Job Description

hi there!

My name is Adrian. I'd like to ask you about if I post right my task about main menu game. Also please suggest about this 2 propose naming my game or if you have yours.

type game: Puzzle
platforms: IOS, Android

1. Smithereens
2. Drop Hunt

// few names more, please check this too.
// select one or more, thx in advance.

3. Move It!
4. Secret Elixir / Magic Elixir
5. Pop' Em Drop
6. Splashes Droplets
7. Finding Droplets
8. Save Droplets
9. Lost Elixir
10. Fixer Elixir
11. Tiny Drop
12. Light! Action! Droplets!

please write marks & comments which one variant is better.
Maybe you have your variants… but any way please give some marks about this variants )

for ex:
1 – 4/5 // comments
2 - 5/5 // comments

I will be very happy to hear more about.

screenshots about game, please see it:

1-5 Intro: (story: Desperate scientist trying to invent a healing elixir for his sick daughter.
When the elixir was almost ready, the scientist added by mistake not necessary substance to elixir.
Reaction occurred, resulting the explosion in the laboratory. All drops elixir explosion scattered all over lab.

Helping scientists to create an elixir! (Collect all the drops that are scattered all over laboratory)

7 Gameplay Art. Swipe drops to their semi transparent target
8 Sketch concept. Example of name Drop Hunt.

After this task we will decide about concept sketch for main menu do to, then other.

If have any question I'd like to speak with you additional in skype.

Thank in advance!

// not interesting in any other thing as ADS etc... I need to solve my task and job topic.

Please leave your skype nickname so I will can call you for additional question.

Best Regards,