set up VPS on Digital Ocean

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am looking for someone to setup a VPS on digital ocean to meet my needs as a development server.

I am not experienced enough to run a server without a GUI. The candidate will accomplish the following:

Choose to install the best OS to accomplish the following tasks:

The ability to host multiple wordpress blogs in the following format

http://development.domain/install one
http://development.domain/intall two

Ability to easily add more blogs is preferred, obviously server environment must securely run LAMP

Must be provided credentials to be able to remotely administer the VPS using SSH.

Successful completion of this job will happen when:

1. Successful login to the remote server is achieved
2. Subdomain resolves correctly
3. Instructions are given about how to add wordpress installations

BONUS: A Bonus will be paid if you can automate (through use of scripting) the ability to push changes from the development server to a live site, perhaps through use of rsync