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IF POSSIBLE - I would like to pay for milestone basis - means - give me a part & take payment for that part -(Pro rata basis)

i'm currently doing a website project with a template called nopcommerce,
http://costumec.azurewebsites.net/ username: admin@yourStore.com password: testadmin
just go in to featured item (ballet shoe), there's options to choose from such as size, colours etc, once you loged in , it will show administration bar on top of the page, this website is a multi-vendor support so each vendor can manage their own items.

i used a template from http://www.nopcommerce.com which is based on C# asp.net MVC4 with MSSQL

i try to make a website for renting item so far i have achieved all of requirements which are stated in the attached document. now i'm trying to add calendar functionality to the system so when the customers go to item description section, they should be able to set rental period and once an order has been sent to the vendor the calendar date booked need to show as booked so another customer can't book it again during that period.

Basically, the purpose of this website is for renting item. if you go to the website and check the featured item (ballet shoes) it has some options such as size, color, deposit etc. I want to add calendar booking system in there so for example if the first custmer booked this item from 1 december to 5 december then the second customer cannot book that period of time and ask to choose some other time.
the logic is pretty similar to hotel room booking system, if the room has been booked some period of time. everyone else cant repeat that period.

here's admin login details:
username: admin@yourStore.com
password: testadmin

once you have loged in, it will show 'Administration' bar on top of the page. it's enable to access backend-system.

and this login is for vendor:
username: testvendor@vendor.com
password: testvendor

so you can see the level of access of each role.

I don't think it's gonna be competible with existing code of the website which based on vs 2012 MVC 4.


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