Research on a gaming topic through google scholar

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Job Description

We require research on a specific topic as a first part of a literature overview :

1. Search Google scholar for papers with keyword in the title in a particular year.

2. Review the paper quickly to ascertain whether :

A: the paper contains an Empirical Study

A1 : if so, is it an Experimental Study

if its Experimental - what type of experiment? (Comparative, Randomized control trial, 2 x 2 etc) - or where no random assignment took part or there was no control

A2 :or Non-Experimental (subjects are observed without experimental intervention) or through census

is there Quantitative or Qualitative data ? or both?

B : is the paper purely theoretical (i.e no experiments)


** To show you can do this task, we'd like you to complete the following :

Search "Human Computation Games" in the title of the papers in google scholar.

Pick the top 2 results.

Put the result in a google spreadsheet with the following columns:

Paper URL, Paper Year, Paper Title, Contains Empirical Study (Yes/No), Type of Empirical Study (Comparative, RCT, 2X2, etc), Contains Qualitative Data (Yes/No), Contains Quantative Data (Yes/No).

Send this spreadsheet to us or share the link so we can validate you're doing it right :D

Please take a note of how long it takes you to view 2 papers, so we get an idea of how many you may be able to get through in an hour.


You must be able to use Google Docs and be available on either Skype or Google Chat

You ought to have a Zotero account - can be free (or set one up for this - as you need to save the papers in a Zotero group)


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