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Job Description

I do not need a yes sir working for me. if you think something is not right it does not look good I expect for you to tell me. I need to finish my website it is Stingfm.com. I need a web design to finish the site. Someone to find a plug-in to work with Joomla or write a program so I can broadcast to five different location at one time. News should be down below within navigational bar. About us and contacts needs to be updated. Twitter, Facebook All social media needs to be added and Update. Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Sitemap needs to be updated. I need to have a way to access the backend So I can change my IP address whenever I need to.Channels needs to Add 15 different logos for the stations and to be encorded on the backend. I need to have the ability to broadcast to 5 different locations at one time. I will be using Sam broadcaster software to broadcast as well.Feedback needs to be removed from the navigational bar and put In to contact us and replace Feedback With video in stead. I would like to use this plug-in for the video archive.http://allvideoshare.mrvinoth.com/live-demo. Events and artist events I Would like to use This plug-in http://app.ohanah.com/demo-v2/rt/, but you have to make them look different from each other. I would like to put a Promo Download page and a artist bio page on the navigational bar. Is it possible to put a nice chat room on this website. I am going to make a DJ Reggae pool for DJs to login at Stingfm.com\DJPool with username and password to access Promos is this plug-in suitable for that http://www.joomlamusicsolutions.com/en/music-collection.html. I would like to have a dropbox on Stingfm.com. Something like Stingfm.com\dropbox so people can upload large files to me.

Skills: backlinking, broadcasting