Simple Scraping tools Needed (Desktop apps)


Job Description

Need .net coder to create very simple scraping tools. You have to create desktop apps that can work on any machine (mac, windows) and any OS. These desktop apps have to be easy to install and run with very user friendly and appealing UI.
You should only apply if you have good experience creating desktop apps/scraping tools. This job needs to be done in one week! reply with "Desktop apps" and do not reply with cover letters. I want to deal with people and not robots & blind bids. in your reply answer the following:

1- does your desktop tools work on all machines, mac, windows, linux...

2- how easy to install your desktop apps (what are the required programs to make it run)?

3- can you create a modern and up-to-date desktop app that's not a hassle to install and run on different machines!

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