Seeking a Front Developer with a strong emphasis on coding expertise -

Seeking a Front Developer with a strong emphasis on coding expertise -


Job Description

Welcome to

Bringing excitement to a whole new level! is where you will go to have fun with your friends & family when you are not with one another. It will provide an instant quick fix of fun, adrenalin & excitement rather than a mere browsing experience. Where you will “brag” or “exchange jokes” with one another about it offline as well as online.

Our vision is to become a one stop shop or hub for social “simple” gaming & fun interaction for the regular, casual user on the web.

It must be noted that our service is completely different to that of Facebook’s social gaming offering or anyone else’s for that matter. Our service/product has many unique features and offerings which will be instantly recognisable to the user.

Currently looking for –

We are now seeking a back end programmer to assist a front end developer with putting everything together and assist in integrating it with the back end.
You will be working closely with the front end developer so that everything co-relates together and works seamlessly -

We are looking for a person who is strong in the field of coding - especially php and mysql as the majority of this work will be in php and databases. You will also need be strong in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, & Ajax.

Responsibilities will include:

Alot of coding in php and also using my sql databases, and integration with front end to the back end. You will also need to be well versed in the other languages mentioned above as you and the front end developer will be working together (along with the project manager).

We are looking for a talented, competent, focused individual that can work well on their own initiative and in a team environment.

Also we are looking for people that love what they do and have an ambition to be the best at what they do while seeking to push the boundaries....

This venture is been overseen by a project manager.

Once the beta platform is built and goes live we will approach investors for our first round of investments where we will be able to show tangible, live evidence of the site's potential, scalability and how we can generate revenue from the model.

For the applicant who is successful you have one of 2 options -

1. You will receive an equity stake in this venture
2. We will pay you an hourly rate plus some equity

This existing structure will be in place until the first round of investment is acquired where it will then become salary based while also retaining your equity that will have been agreed on. This window from now to the 1st round of investment will be executed in a 6 month window though we will have a live proof of concept on the web in approximately 3 months and then tweak it accordingly as we move forward while continuing to develop it.

We have been working on the back end of the platform (the core, engine, function, etc.) for the last while now and have alot of the pages put together & are now close to completing them and connecting it to the back end.

This is for people that genuinely love what they do– if you want to be part of “the next big thing” then apply to the details provided below –

In your application please include the following:
Your Full Skill Set / C.V.
A list of all projects you have worked on to date
And in what capacity

Contact Details:

Name: Oisin Donal Walsh

Phone Number: 00353 87 966 5954

Thank You & Good Luck !

Closing Date – Friday 26th of July 2013