Posting data from Flash to PHP

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Dear oDesk Developers,

We are having an issue posting data 4 variables from an .swf to a php page.
Our code works in Firefox & Chrome perfectly, but it doesn't seem to work with Internet Explorer.

We are looking for a candidate to make minor code changes in our php page or the .fla source so that it works in Internet Explorer.

See line 128 of the attached php file
See AS2 code attached at the bottom of this job post, below my signature.

If the candidate works quickly and efficiently, he/she will be hired on for more work.

Looking forward to hiring you,


-------------AS2 Code-----------------------

Flash AS2 code:

popupwin.yesbtn.onRelease = function() {
//"tb_show", null, "lease_ips.php?ips="+this._parent.ipsx+"."+this._parent.ipsy+"&username="+_root.usernameis+"&userid="+_root.byobid+"&myips="+_root.myips+"&KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=101&width=282&modal=true", false);
popupwin._visible = false;

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