Email Marketing Server Engineer: Warm up IP's

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

If you don't have demonstrated experience warming up IP's and properly configuring a server for bulk email marketing, please do not apply for this job. I am only going to hire someone who has experience and really knows what they are doing.

I have a list of about 300,000 opt-in that I will send a weekly newsletter to.

I have Interspire configured with 10 sending IP's. I have not yet checked the history of the IP's, you will need to do that and then warm them up.

The IP's are:,,,,,,,,,

In your application, please tell me about your experience managing email marketing servers, configuring them properly, how long it will take to warm up the IP's given the # of people on my list and 10 IP's, and the steps that you take. I will select the applicant who has demonstrated the most knowledge and experience, so don't skip telling me the details of how warm up IP's please.