Fix issues in wordpress travel site


Job Description

In a Hotel Accommodation site (word press enabled), we'd like to fix the following:

1. Improve speed of the site (check some scripts)

2. Fix "Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [Client] SoapClient::SoapClient() [<a href='soapclient.soapclient'>soapclient.soapclient</a>]: 'uri' option is required in nonWSDL mode in ..."
Check the error and successfully make a booking (including payment gateway, thank You page, vouchers sent by email and log file in the db)
The Clear Criteria (clear cache) in availability should be introduced.

3. Pop up in a new page instead onclick for a function

4. Change Google map to terrain and fix links in Next pages in Search results

Smoothly operation, Testing and Bug fixing before deliver will be the trigger for releasing the amount.
Available all files but no access given to the back end.

Skills: google-maps

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