OpenCV and Unity 3D Developer Needed for Game Development

OpenCV and Unity 3D Developer Needed for Game Development


Job Description

OVERVIEW: Looking for a developer to help develop an exciting MMORPG sandbox title and platform that will feature gesture based interactivity, object recognition and 3D world building - among other things. The current working title is Project "Uruk". A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be required.

WHAT IS NEEDED: First, the developer will be responsible for developing a prototype with key prioritized functions and capabilities available for proof-of-concept demonstrations. Later and throughout the project, ongoing development will continue into alpha where the product will be tested and refined.

Expert knowledge and experience needed in the following areas: 3D Programming and Mathematics (Matlab), Game Development and Theory, AI, Unity 3D, OpenCV, C++, C#, API development, Object Recognition, Gesture-based interactivity, point cloud processing (PCL), database development, network development, hardware (GPUs, multithreading) development and optimization
Bonus Skills: web development, PHP, database programming (MySQL), middle-tier server development
Required: English proficiency, well-documented code

SUCCESS: A successful engagement will entail regular communication via email or Skype, ongoing progress with a well functioning code base, consultation on developing and implementing features to accomplish prioritized goals and fast turn-around.

YOU SHOULD WORK ON THIS PROJECT BECAUSE: You'll be responsible for laying the ground work for an exciting new product and service that will revolutionize gaming internationally.

- Do you have experience with MMORPGs?
- How much experience do you have with Unity3D, OpenCV and object recognition?
- Do you have experience with point cloud processing (including filtering, feature estimation, surface reconstruction, registration, model fitting and segmentation)?
- What experience do you have with 3D development?
- Do you have experience programming for peripheral devices?
- What is your future availability?

Please be prepared to answer these questions.

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