Setup DigitalOceans Droplets - Load Balanced NGINX, Replication, Database

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking at setting up the following configuration on DigitalOceans:

1) Load Balanced NGINX (1 balancer, 2 nodes)
2) File replication from the load balancer to the web nodes, or from one pre-determined 'master' node to other node, whichever makes more sense.
3) Install and configure memcahed to handle sessions.
4) Compile and configure PHP as Fast-CGI
5) Configure a DB/Mysql centric node for optimal performance.

This is our brief outline, and we welcome any recommended changes. Ideally at the end of the project we will also have instructions on how to:

a) add another node to lode balancing and replication
b) create a new home folder for a new site and add it to nginx