Need best and honest writers

Need best and honest writers


Job Description


I need to select best and honest writers for my upcoming project. You need to have qualities of Article writing, Blog writing and similar writing types. Since this is new, I can pay only 0.2$ per 100 words. But, this is increased with honesty and quality. If you like, apply. But, read following rules first and make sure you agree.


1.) You need to give me enough respect because I am the boss and you are the contractor. If you have any problem, a friendly conversation can easily solve any problem because I can understand. But, don't provide me unnecessary excuses.

2.) You are paid only twice per week. Paying dates are 1st and 16th of each month.

3.) All articles must be 100% original, perfect grammar and punctuation and according to the topic. Any article which is either plagiarized, poor grammar and out of topic will be rejected. Once an article is rejected, no payment is given for that perticular article. You are responsible to make article in good quality.

4.) All articles must be submitted on time. If you provide an article which is out of due date and time, I can pay only half amount of that unless special incidences occurs. So, make sure you complete your work on time always. If you submit 2 late works, this leads to end contract.

5.) Don't provide me excuses for late submissions or bad quality works. If you have excuses like illnesses or important duties, you need to mention before accepting a work. Accepting a work triggers and agrees to complete it before due date.

If you agree those, apply for this. Newbies also welcome. Selected candidates are interviewed with an online interview of gtalk.

Skills: grammar