Quick Retouch of 100 Fashion Photographs

Quick Retouch of 100 Fashion Photographs


Job Description

I need an expert retoucher for quick post-processing of studio pictures for a fashion catalogue.

To clean-up, crop and retouch the photos so that it will be presentable on an online store. The model's complexion must be fair in the photos after retouch and you might need to liquify the model a little to make her slimmer.

***Examples of raw picture is attached. You may give it a try to edit the raw picture, it should be a quick job. This is the final effect we are looking for:
There will be approximately 100 pictures to be retouched within a day.

***I need to see your portfolio for similar retouching jobs or an edited version of our raw picture.

Generic copy&paste job applications will be declined.

Thank you.

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