WebSite UX Design/Theme

WebSite UX Design/Theme


Job Description

I would like a new design and theme for my website. (

Initially I would like you to provide a background image to be used across the site as this will set the theme for the site. I would like the actual site to "hover" above the site background and provide a perception of depth.

We do not have any high quality product images that could be used in a "splash" homepage image or image slider at present. These will be available soon. Ideally an image slideshow/splash page should be incorporated into the homepage design before moving into the online shop.

The site background image and navigation should be consistent across the rest of the site. Consider how text and images would overlay in foregraound boxes/slots over the background. For example if scattered crystals are in the background image that may mean that any text slots in the foreground will need a solid background (rather than semi-transparent) to avoid the crystals interfering with reading text - there may be other better solutions to this issue such as fading/blending the transparency of the background image in the center and other areas (navigation, footer links etc) where text is likely to be used.

To provide you some brand guidelines and ideas. The design should be encapsulate "high-end", "sophisticated", "expensive", "luxury". Please use the following sites as example that I like;

Key brand colours are black and white pearl and I like silk textures and the pin cushion effect that is currently on the existing website. Again I am open to other suggestions and you do not need to try incorporate all of these at the same time.

I have attached a "very rough" idea of the type of theme I have in mind - Obviously this needs alot of work... and I open to other suggestions. The key challenge is the my company logo must have a black background whereas the main body of the site should be white pearl.

Please send through design idea options for the site background image and Homepage deign as part of your application.

Looking to seeing something amazing!


1) Background Image
2) Style guide / Theme
3) HomePage Design
4) Product Catagory Pages (i.e. Hire Collection, Boutique Collection)
5) Product Details Page Design
6) Gallery Page Design

Many Thanks

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