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Job Description

Hello! :)

We make the game Mecha Galaxy.

We need 4 sets of 4 medals for a total of 16 medals.

Each "set" of medals should look like a set.

Each set contains:

Gold (very awesome, lots of bling)
Silver (pretty awesome, some bling)
Bronze (a little awesome, a little bling)
Participant (still looks pretty cool. Proud to have it, but no bling)

Be careful to include a visual difference between the colors Gold and Bronze. They should be clearly different, Gold is more yellow, Bronze is more brown. Every medal should be a different color, this should be obvious to the naked eye using an old low-res screen.

Each "set" should be identifiable as a set. The medals in a set should all resemble eachother in some way. There can be a bit of flexibility here from set to set. For example, in one set, the medals may be almost identical, just changing the color and adding bling, whereas in another set, perhaps each of the medals different, perhaps each of them resembles a different mech, but all in the same style to look like a set.

This is a high tech, science fiction game.

The medals should look high tech.

They should have a science fiction theme.

Example set:

In two of the sets of the sets, the Gold Medal should include visual references to the Nephilax Mech, here:

That mech is the gold medal prize, and ONLY the gold medal prize.
Ideally, one of the gold medals would basically just be a stylized image of that mech (perhaps on a ribbon). This should not be replicated to non gold medals.

So, in summation, 2 of the sets should have Nephilax Mechs on the gold, the other 2 sets should have NO mechs pictured.

Each image should be a square png ON A TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND.

Each finished asset should be 120x120 pixels.

For the 4 gold medals, I will also need copies that are 400x400 pixels.

So, in total:

4 sets x 4 medals = 16 total medals at 120x120 pixels png on a TRANSPARENT background.

Plus a large version of each Gold medal = 20 png files total.

Please zip all of these 20 files into a single zip file.

Thank you!

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