Shoutcast encoding source for Android


Job Description

IMPORTANT: I dont'd need STREAMING PLAYER, but ENCODER for SHOUTCAST. I'm CAPSing it because many applicants thought I need player in the past. Thank you, now read on :)

Shoutcast encoding application to stream audio to a shoutcast server version 1 with some control of play back sound.

It has to encode into mp3 before sending, and be able to work in the background with foreground activity for controlling it.

Encoder should be able to provide option about:
- sampling frequency
- encoding bitrate
- mono or stereo
- server address/port
- server password

Encoder should be robust enough so it reconnects to the shoutcast server in case of a disconnection.

Information about such thing for a PC platform is here: (look under SHOUTcast Transcoder (SC_TRANS))

Please refrain from bidding unless you can tell me something about the project right from the start, for example, what would be main components of such application, and the behavior of such components in regards to each other.

Also, I don't work with TEAMS, only INDIVIDUALS.

Skills: android-development, android-sdk