US Call, question, transcribe

US Call, question, transcribe


Job Description

Our organization is interested in having a virtual assistant on call as a backup should one of our group members fail to meet its commitments to another member.

Each member sets life tasks/goals and requests an accountability checkin. Another member will accept this checkin. There have been problems with follow though. We want to solve this. I envision a solution on our end and see a need for help from the outside should no other member of our organization be available. We hope to improve communication within our group, with details on what an individual is to be held accountable for. What I would see us providing to a VA is details of what the member wants to be accountable for. This would include a list of questions. A VA would call and ask (as well as allowing for the VA to ask their own questions in interacting with the member) the questions, then transcribe the answers. Any call we required call would likely range about 30 minutes. I'm not sure how regular we would need this service. Attention to confidentiality is a must as some of our members are working on sensitive things.

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