Podcast Production

Podcast Production


Job Description

I run a weekly, 15 minute podcast. (www.advancedsellingpodcast.com) I record it in my studio and need to bring on a producer. My sense is that it will take 10 hours/week. Here are the responsibilities:

1. Editing the podcast and uploading it to our host (Libsyn)
2. This might include mixing the front and back roll music, laying down some music under neath certain parts, etc.,
3. Occasionally, we want to run a 2-3 minute package that could contain music and sound fx.
4. Promotion. This might be the biggest part of the job...make sure we promote the podcast appropriately...thru all social media channels.
5. Ideas. This includes the generating of new ideas on how to build the base. Right now we are getting about 60,000 downloads/ month.
6. Each episode needs also to be blogged about on two blogs. We will write copy but it will be the producer's job to make sure it gets loaded to Wordpress.
7. Line up guests (usually via email) to be on the podcast
8. Miscellaneous items that a producer will do, including overseeeing the podcast calendar, booking us as guests on other shows (this not a priority, but a possibility)
9. Review the podcast stats on a regular basis and email us about them.

I'm open to other ideas as well.