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mobile dialer for andriod, i phone and blackberry, SMS and web conference
Android, I-Phone and blackberry developer who have a mobile dialer solution –
to create a customizable dialer and contact book application.

The application should allow the user to:

Main features:
* Making and receiving VoIP calls
* Works in VoIP blockades
* Supports IP PBX.
* Connectivity through WIFI/3G/Edge
* Loudspeaker
* Favorites
* Balance information
* Time, call status logs
* Recent call logs
* Call hold option
* Redial
* Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
* iPhone's, indriod and blackberry address book integration
* VoiceMail functionality
* SIP protocol support
* Save / Edit Username & Password
* Echo Cancellation
* SMS send and receive
All these features is exsiting in any sip dialer except sms and voip blockades

we are looking for 2 weeks to accumplish this project to seen the screen shots
please let me know here is some example
here is open source for sip for blackberry
here is he source code for all mobile phone
the deadline for the mobile dialers for three platformor OS for andriod, I phone and blackberry is march 15th system must be free and clear of any bugs with codes ready to publish on all markets with complete codes and functionality

*web conference audio /video I have thee source code for anderiod and mimic to I-Phone
we need to connect them to our billing system

If you have any suggestion or bug to report, please visit and create an Issue..

This application is licensed under the GNU General Public License, and the source code is available in

The Mconf project is sponsored by the Brazilian NREN (National Research and Educational Network) (
this is for the andriod web conference also we need you to port the code to I phone
it is already on the andriod market (that is an important link)
here is the screen shot for the web conference mobile apps

I will supply you the logo and the background looks

all the codes are open sources so we just need to back grounds, logo and 2 fist pages to be develop and port these codes into i phone
deadline for web conference apps andriod will be ready on 22nd of march andriod for web conference ready to be deployed with complete codes to be publish on the market with our background and logo and on the 7th of april you port codes for web conference into i phone

Skills: logo, voip, blackberry, ipad, video, billing, gnu, research

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