Design and programming language php5

Design and programming language php5


Job Description

Hi dear.....

I want to design a Tourism site that manages funds, payments and commissions.

* Participants are two types 1-Voyager 2-corporate travel

How it works/1-travel and tourism companies can participate after allowing it from the site management and after making a held that has a conditions and obligations.

2. the traveler can logs on for free and determines travel request (where _ days _ dates _ hotels _ the number of people _ transportation _ tourism _ studing _ cure _ work.........Etc).

3. then travel and tourism companies submit its proposals.

4. then the traveler choose the appropriate company and negotiate with it by the private messages till he decides the appropriate company.

5. the traveler pays the amount of money to the site to reserve the amount until it is sure that the reservation cards and airline tickets arrived for travelers through its mail box in the site.

6. the amount is released after the approval of the traveler and then the site management deduct the site commission. And so on

7. almost like a terms of managing funds and Commission presentations, negotiations and disputes

I want to write all questions and queries ...And design work for the pages ...

Thank you

Skills: design, management