Game Board Redesign


Job Description

Please re-create a the attached board into a more professional looking game board. Also create cards with a question mark design on one side and how to play on the other.

Also create 4 cards:
1. Go back 4 spaces there’s a cat
2. Lose a turn
3. Roll again
4. Take away turn

Also create Mini rule card 4 by 6:

The object of the game is to be the first Rat to the cheese. Each player takes a turn and rolls the dice. If you land on a question mark you get to pick a card. If you choose any card expect for take away turn you must obey the card. If you choose take away turn you can force another player to lose their next turn or keep the card and use it later.
2 to 6 players per game. When in the saferoom no player can use a card against you.

Game Pieces:
1 Die
6 Rats
6 of Each Card
Game Board
Online App

Skills: design

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