Simple 2 Step Software

Simple 2 Step Software


Job Description

Hello Everybody!

I'm looking for a simple 2 step software to be built.

1. Upload Email Accounts
- This step is where the user uploads their email accounts. (GMAIL, YAHOO, AOL, etc) this step is required to move onto step two.

2. Create Accounts with Emails
- Use the email accounts from Step 1 to create accounts on two other websites. "Website 1" is the main place to create the account and "Website 2" is just a back up incase "Website 1" doesn't work. I would like the software to
keep track/store/save the login information in this format:
= Login Email/Password/Ph# =

For now this is what i would like built. If all goes well then this will turn into daily work as i would like to develop the software over the next couple of months and this can possibly into a long term job. I'm giving priority to developers who have Skype or that respond quickly

If you have any questions please let me know.