Writer, Aircraft Build Lesson and Presentation

Writer, Aircraft Build Lesson and Presentation


Job Description

Thank you for considering this position. We are in need of a skilled writer to build an attractive presentation and lesson plan that will help our group of students (age 11-18 yrs) learn to build a private plane. The lesson plan should specifically focus on helping students gain familiarity with, and learn each major part of the plane. We will provide the content materials, we will need you to design a presentation and lesson plan around this material. It should be designed for this age group to understand and digest. We'd like to presentation to be up to 2-3 pages long (including the plane pictures, nature of project, duration, etc.) preferably in Powerpoint style, and the lesson plan (including plane diagram and explanations) to be 2 pages long, preferably in Word.

We plan to build this first introductory package, then move on to more lessons/presentations as we continue with the build. We would like future assistance in these projects as well.

Our company is ASTRO Tutoring, an aviation and aerospace-based private tutoring company. We offer workshops that help students gain exposure and experience in aerospace and aviation.

If you see fit, please include any math or aerodynamics/science concepts in the presentation.

We need to receive the package within 48-60 hours (2.5 days) by FRIDAY, January 25, 2013 at 11pm, as our first build meeting is this Saturday at 10am. I hope this time frame is feasible for you.

Please let us know if you need more info and are interested in this position.

Thank you,

Skills: design, tutoring, science