JNI based integration of parallelism platform with Java

JNI based integration of parallelism platform with Java


Job Description

This is a research project, which will integrate a new infrastructure for parallelism with Java. The infrastructure is used to create the runtime system for parallel language constructs. It reduces time to implement, handles porting the language implementation across machines, and reduces the overhead versus OS threads or other approaches such as OpenMP. More can be read about it here:
http://opensourceresearchinstitute.org (it's referred to as both VMS and proto-runtime)

The work in the project is to use the JNI interface to provide a tunnel from Java code out to the C based proto-runtime. I have worked out the fundamental approach, and will work closely with you on the implementation. This will be a high touch collaborative project, with emails and Skype chats daily.

The amount of work is fairly low in terms of lines of code, but there will be a high learning curve, and several mini-projects whose purpose is to learn how the JVM behaves in interactions with proto-runtime features. In total, it should be between 50 and 80 hours.

For a detailed description of the work, see the wiki page for this project at: