Rewrite 1x1500 word article

Rewrite 1x1500 word article


Job Description

I need to rewrite 1x1500 word article. Medical niche(cold, flu).
Every sentence must be rewriten 3 times. I give you "MS Word" document with this structure:

1. Sentence 1
2. Sentence 2
3. Sentence 3

You give me "MS Word" document with this structure:

1. Sentence 1
your rewrite1
your rewrite2
your rewrite3
2. Sentence2
your rewrite1
...... etc.

Total word amount must be- 6000. (My article 1500w + your 3 revisions 4500w)

I will pay 10$ for this job. (1,11$ per 500 rewriten words) .

You have 3 days for this job.

No research requires, just sit down and write.

My requirements:

1. Each sentence rewrite must be with a different grammatical/sentence structure.
You move onto the next sentence, and rewrite that one in a different way, and so on, until you've done 3 rewrites for each.
You need to change the structure of the sentence and say it in a different way.

As an example, here are 6 different ways of saying/rewriting the same sentence:
The importance of the investigation, testing and measuring of these phrases cannot be underestimated.
A lot of measuring, testing and research of each term is of vital importance.
It can't be over-estimated how important it is to investigate, measure and test all the phrases to be used.
Keyword phrases MUST be thoroughly tested and measured before being entered into your system.
We can't over-stress the need to TEST and MEASURE all the phrases you're considering using.

2. No spelling mistakes, grammatically correct and make sense. I'll give you account at for checking errors.(IMPORTANT)
3. Include word "MAX" in your cover letter.
4. I'll check your rewrites for plagiarism, so NO copy-paste.
5. No rewriting software or programs to generate the new sentence.
6. Article must be written in perfect English in every meaning. If your English is not perfect please do not bid for this project.

Skills: rewriting, english