Sales Resources Assistant/Project Manager


Job Description


I'm looking for an ongoing relationship with someone who understands the sales process and can help me develop advance sales tools. You should either know how to create them, or know how to manage people that know how to make them. A proven track record is a must.

Background: I work for a growing renovation and new construction and am very busy meeting new potential clients and managing projects and need someone who can take my vision for sales tools and get them done. This includes:

1. A comprehensive sales proposal creator which formulates budgets, produces calendars, and automatically populates other important information for the project. Essentially, I need to be able to "plug" in data and it spits our a proposal. I will give guidance on what kind of data goes in and how I want it to come out, and you figure out technically how it gets done. For this proposal, I'm thinking it needs to be an excel document.

2. Once an initial sales proposal is developed, I then want to perhaps make this an app/software to do the job even more efficiently.

3. Once a template for a sales proposal is made, I will need sales materials which describe the proposal. This could include the following:
- Pamphlets/brochures
- A animated video showing the process

This would be a great opportunity for someone who has done sales before and knows about the sales process and can mange other odesk trades on doing the coding, development etc.

Let me know how you can help and hourly rate expectations.

This would be a long term relationship as the more good work you do, the more we grow, the more I pay you.


Skills: video, marketing

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