Level Creator for pokemon like game: Only create the map y have all the tiles design


Job Description

Hi, i need a person that create all the maps of my game.
I have all the graphics and tiles and the person that takes the jobs must make all the maps with creative imagination and matching the story of the game and secondary stories.

It is very easy to make it, only adding the images in the current tile.
Im using TileMapper Software.
But the person need to be precise and orderly.

Because the map has 3 layers.
-1 for the ground.
-2 for the decoration.
-3 for the characters.

And you need to put some codes in the ground layers:
If is walkable puts one in the tile.
If is a character , only add the code of character.
Is is a boss , only add the code of a boss.


Anyone with a lot of imagination and creativity can do this.

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