Zoho CRM to Zoho Creator - Contacts Link

Zoho CRM to Zoho Creator - Contacts Link


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- Read carefully
- EXCELLENT Zoho Creator
- EXCELLENT Zoho Deluge

DETAILS: (please read and understand)

I need someone that can link my Zoho CRM contacts list with my Zoho Creator clients list.

I have a imported list in Zoho Creator, that is originally from Google contact. I am now linking everything together to make it in sync better. (more up to date)

I need my contacts from Zoho CRM to be linked with my contact in Zoho creator.

However, if possible, what I would like to do, is get/pull the contact information from Zoho CRM. So when I click on the contact name in Zoho Creator in my database, it shows a quick table of their contact information etc.

I already have a contact table in Zoho Creator, however I have to manually update all contact information. I want this step removed, by pulling the information from Zoho CRM and updating a table in Zoho Creator. (is this possible).

I cannot just 'delete' the Zoho Creator contacts and import zoho CRM data, as they are currently linking all of my current creator database information / jobs.

(Basically, remove my old contacts in creator, and replace with 'pulled data' from Zoho CRM, however retain links to my existing data).
When you reply to this job, please start the first line with 'technology' otherwise you will be declined for not following requirements.

Currently I have Zoho Creator paid, and Zoho CRM Professional version.

Currently using Zoho Creator, I am aware of the Zoho CRM module in the builder. So I can link/apply the zoho contact to the existing datasheet. However, it does not pull/update any other information, and this is what I need help with.


- Please let me know how you would go about implementing a solution to this?
- Please provide the transition process
- Please provide an ETA for completion
- Please base you budget on COMPLETION of the job
- NO upfront payments
- Payment will be provided on successful completion of project
- Bonus may be rewarded on excellent work.

Skills: import, english, communication-skills

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