Are you good at seo Youtube Video Marketing??

Are you good at seo Youtube Video Marketing??


Job Description


I have a local business (in the USA) that I am looking to generate traffic from Youtube (as well as other video sites) to my site for opting in:

1) pick good keywords
2) how to optimize the youtube video posting

I'm looking for someone who really knows what their doing, has already done this type of work, and someone who suggests ideas for me. Not only do you have to have a working knowledge on how to do this but I also want you to do it for me but show me how your doing it so I have a working knowledge of it as well.

Either I or you can make the videos but I'm leaning to get them done myself. We can talk about that later.

I can show you some other competitors who are actually doing this using Market Samurai to pick the keywords and doing 30 second videos.

I don't want someone who works hard and just does the work. I DO NOT want to waste anytime and like moving fast but I fully support my team mates. I am open to paying you per hour but more so on a one time fee per project. If I actually close deals because of your video ideas, I will give you a bonus you will not forget!

Please post "video ninja" so that I know you read this post.

I love spoiling my contractors who produce for me. Treat me well and we will be working together a very long time. I'm not like most employers and my ratings speak for themselves.

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