Expert Administrative Assistant (Virtual) and Client Liason


Job Description

We are hiring an expert virtual administrative assistant for our Head Coach and CEO.

This is a "emerging leadership" role. You don't need years of experience, but you do need to be very smart, super-organized, very flexible, business-savvy, and an excellent communicator who loves people, social media, non-creepy sales approaches, business development, and customer support.

You will play a key role in a fully bootstrapped, small-yet-profitable company (6 years old) that is growing and expanding into new worldwide markets. In time, if you are the right person you will be the CEO's trusted advisor and representative: researching, giving input, holding the CEO accountable, handling broad responsibility, and driving new initiatives.

This position may develop over time into a more significant role that suits your interests and capacity. (For example, this role could evolve into an Operations Director or Sales Director or Executive Coach or better if those are your interests and you are committed. You can write your own game plan with this role and use it as a springboard for a business career. However, if you only aspire to being a great Pepper Potts or Alfred Pennyworth, that's fine too.)

Our company culture: continuous personal and business development through learning, coaching/mentoring, agility, flexibility, openness, mutual engagement, mutual accountability, mutual respect, and mutual purpose. And we aspire to have fun while we're at it. You will learn a lot working with Priacta.

You do NOT need a long prior track record, you just need to BE the right person with the right personal and professional skills. Like Google, we look for emerging leaders at any age.

The position will probably start part-time (evaluation period) and expand rapidly (within 2-3 months) to full-time.

Required Skills (yes, ALL of them):
* Highly organized
* Anxious to learn advanced productivity and management skills
* Flexible, yet highly focused
* Exceptional initiative
* Prior business ownership with Web/social presence
* VERY comfortable with sales calls and closing sales (inbound or existing clients)
* Highly intelligent, learns quickly
* Detail-oriented and analytical
* Brilliant business writing skills (fun, yet professional)
* Excellent interpersonal/communication/negotiation/listening skills
* Teaching, training, coaching skills or skills as a therapist or counsellor
* Management or leadership experience
* Creative yet practical problem-solving skills
* Feels complete ownership of outcome of areas of responsibility
* Superb computer skills (manage and troubleshoot your own computer, web site, blogs, etc.)

Other Absolute Requirements:
* You must have a professional, QUIET work environment where phones can be answered and calls made for hours at a time without distraction
* Able to work within US time zones business hours 80%+ of the time
* MS Office skills
* Fast typist (we'll test you over the phone)
* iPhone-, iPad- and/or Android-savvy

Strongly Preferred:
* You have read (or are reading) "Rework" by Fried and Hansson
* GTD-savvy (or better still, Total, Relaxed Organization trainee)

To be considered, PERSONALLY answer ALL of the questions below. If you do not answer all the questions or your agency answers for you, your application will be discarded. The questions have been carefully chosen--this is your initial interview. (Sometimes there is no "right" answer. Relax and speak candidly for best results. Few people take time to answer them all, so if you do your application will be read personally.)

1) What methods do you use to remain "flexible yet highly focused" in an environment where a) you have assignments that require concentration, but b) the phone may ring or issues may come up and must be handled ASAP?

2) When and how have you shown significant, game-changing initiative? For how long? What were the results?

3) Tell us about the company where you had ownership. (Hint: ownership does not necessarily equal equity.) Why would we require some business ownership as a requirement for this job, even if that company was a failure? How does that answer apply to you?

4) Prove that you are an excellent writer.

5) Tell us about your prior sales/selling experience. (In this role, you'll handle inbound calls from prospective clients asking about coaching and other business services by Priacta coaches. You will also follow up with time-challenged people who were definitely interested but got side-tracked. What approaches do you think would be best for that follow-up?)

6) What excites you about this role? What do you hope to gain from it?

7) How would you a) notice and b) handle a worker who isn't demonstrating enough initiative?

8) What does Priacta need to do better? How do you know, or why do you think so?

9) Why else do we need to hire you?

We look forward to working with you!

Updated 7/20/2913