JQuery, Ruby on Rails and Facebook OAuth expert needed for small Facebook canvas app

JQuery, Ruby on Rails and Facebook OAuth expert needed for small Facebook canvas app

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Job Description


Looking for a JQuery and Ruby on Rails expert to build a small Facebook application that pixelates an uploaded image.

The Functional requirements are:
- Authenticate through a Facebook canvas app and gain permission to post on their wall
- Upload a picture and auto resize to appropriate dimensions
- Pixelate the picture (using the close-pixelate library) using a slider. (This is an example: http://close-pixelate.desandro.com/dolly.html)
- Save the pixelated picture to disk
- Share the pixelated picture onto your Facebook page.
- Disable/enable buttons whether you've uploaded a picture or now.
- Delete the picture from temporary storage after the user leaves the page

The non-functional requirements are:
- Use Heroku to host the end application
- Written using Ruby on Rails. Paperclip gem for file upload and temporary storage
- Use the close-pixelate library (see notes) for image pixelation
- Must have appropriate tests written
- Use github as a source repository
- User Twitter-bootstrap or equivalent for nice look and feel.
- Amazon S3 or equivalent for temporary storage

This must be delivered within 3 working days.

To be a successful candidate, you must:
- Have at least 2 years of Ruby on Rails experience
- Have at least 2 years of JQuery experince
- Worked with Facebook authentication and the canvas before
- Used Github as a source repository
- Twitter bootstrap experience

The pixelation libraries I'd like to use are the following. There's an example of saving the picture in the second link.

I've attached a sample mockup of what I want done. You will need to check-in often and show me daily progress.

Skills: facebook, twitter, amazon

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