RF Engineer: SCH Review, PCB Layout & Antenna Design

RF Engineer: SCH Review, PCB Layout & Antenna Design


Job Description

We are a small company looking to get hardware production-ready for contract manufacturing. We have talented engineers but a small team and must outsource some of the design. The major components of this project include RF design (quad band GSM antenna), power supply design (multiple output switching regulator) and PCB layout in EAGLE.

Skills required:
Electronics (datasheet + schematics)
PCB layout (EAGLE)
RF design (GSM, quad-band)

Job Description:
Working from a production-proven 2-layer board, minimize cost, size, and complexity of next-generation hardware. *** must design and integrate antennas into board design. ***

1) Review datasheets for components to ensure:
a) Power supply needs are met (e.g., low-ESR capacitors on GSM module)
b) RF issues are addressed properly (careful routing, impedance matching)
c) Footprint is correct (only 1 IC has not been created, 10 components require validation)
d) Components are sized / rated correctly (e.g. capacitor voltage, resistor wattage)

2) Validate function of power rail(s) (created using TI Webench software)
a) Optional, for additional $: design LiPo battery backup (battery charges when device is powered, device runs from battery when unpowered)

3) Route 4-layer board
a) Must verify impedance-match for GPS antenna
b) Must integrate quad-band GSM antenna
c) Shrink size of board (target size 45 x 45 mm from current 2-layer 43 x 91mm)

1) Board design file (.BRD) + schematic (.SCH) in EAGLE format
2) Bill of Materials, using US-based suppliers (DigiKey and Mouser preferred)
3) Simulation results for antenna (Ansys preferred)
***We have access to a network analyzer and will compare your simulation to actual performance prior to rating you***

Skills: layout-design