Manufacturer Rep Recruiter

Manufacturer Rep Recruiter


Job Description

Skilled person who has represented products to retail and special needs Buyers and Distributors and understands the nature of Manufacturer Retail Reps.

Will become familiar with our product, develop strategies for approaching Reps; work with Lists that we have as well as developing your own, then communicating with the Reps in order to recruit the proper ones to represent our product to their respective buyers.

The Recruiter will be paid $100 for each Rep that is fully and accurately qualified to represent our product and accepts offer to make sales of our product to retailers. That is, they become our Sales Rep and begins to make sales. There are twenty regions in the U.S. so at minimum you can be paid $2000. If you also recruit others in other countries, then you can make even more.

We believe that this can take 30 to 60 days, but if you're really good and you recruit 20 Rep Agencies in 30 days, you will get paid entire $2000.

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