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I am creating a fitness device and I need someone to assist in the design of the resistance mechanism and possibly the rest of the machine as well. I have concepts but I am having trouble getting the proper resistance needed.

I am not searching for US engineers.

Along with the design of the product, I will need the specifications of each part to assure availability of acquirement. Essentially, the resistance mechanism is a column with multiple springs that are engaged by the twisting of the knob or handle at the end of the column. The springs must provide resistance from the 80* angle to the 180* angle. The lever arm varies from 24 inches to 32 inches and must provide 30lbs to 100lbs of force. This is our idea of how it should work: there is a series of torsion springs that are independent of each other and as the user turns the knob or handle at the end of the column a different spring is engaged. The more springs engaged, the more resistance provided. The user increases resistance by increasing the amount of springs used.

I have a CAD design (in .step format and also .jpeg or .pdf) that I can show once the Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed and returned to me.

I prefer to use a fixed cost system of payment but will consider hourly if the price is right.

Deliverable: I expect CAD work that I can hand off to my US engineers or machine shop to produce. The parts used (springs etc.) must be available. I say this because, I paid an engineer to design this concept before but they used springs that do not produce the force necessary for production.

I'm not sure how long this will take to complete. I have an engineer in the US but his time is best spent on other projects for now. He will review all documentation/designs/estimates/etc. prior to my approval. If performance is satisfactory, you are almost guaranteed a bigger project (designing and working on the rest of the machine). We need lots of help.

Best Regards,

Oliver Vander Horn & Sean McKinnis (Founder & Co-Founder)

I will attach the NDA that is to be signed and returned before I share the current designs I have.

Skills: design

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