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Job Description

Company Overview

champSpot (champ – Spot) is developing an intuitive & customizable sports news aggregator that enables our users to get personalized news coverage, converse in real-time with fellow fans, plan and
attend events, shop, game, and connect with their favorite players.

champSpot is an online sports media aggregator and social networking site that takes being a sports.
We will raise sports' audience interaction to the next level by seamlessly delivering personalized and
comprehensive sports coverage, fantasy gaming, tailgates, events, merchandise, and social networking
all in one spot. Our fan-powered platform will effectively streamline the sports and social networking
world, allowing its users to move beyond irrelevant sports news and isolated forums. Sports enthusiasts
deserve a user-friendly avenue for interacting (in real time) with fellow fans, players and the sports they
love; and champSpot will be just that.

Job Summary

Our Company seeks a web designer/developer to assist in the production of champSpot.
Responsibilities include: designing page layouts and custom graphics, formatting
content, creating, and converting HTML files from Photoshop documents. You will be in charge of
designing the champSpot website, and using consistent branding and colors across all champSpot’s

Position Roles and Responsibilities
Divide their time between Web Development and Web Design.
Create Interaction Designs and CSS Page Layouts and Prototypes
o The designs and page layouts will be conceptualized in Illustrator or Photoshop using
HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Create Production Ready Code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript , MySql and PHP for champSpot.
Provide technical advice during product development stages.
Design user-friendly and visually appealing website.
Work with champspot to ensure goals and needs are met in the design process.
Test functionality of websites in various browsers for quality assurance.

Required Skills

2 years minimum Web programming experience, including PHP
1 year minimum experience working with relational database systems MySQL
Working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
Working knowledge of JavaScript and major JavaScript frameworks
Photoshop & Illustrator experience preferable.

Skills: design, sports, test, graphics, prototyping

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