Wordpress Experts for Fixing Plugin-Translation Problems

Wordpress Experts for Fixing Plugin-Translation Problems


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i have translated for 25% a english wordpress plugin with http://www.poedit.net/ in german. in the plugin-folder i have created a "language" folder. inside this folder there are the german .mo and .po files from poeditor.

PROBLEM: the .mo and .po files do not apply in the wordpress system. the wordpress core system do not understand that in the language folder is the ready translation file in german. the wordpress system do not check this folder and display the plugin in english language. How can i say to wordpress: "Please use the de_DE.mo file!" I think there must be integrate any code snippet or string anywhere in the plugin code or wordpresss core code, but where and how? for that job i need a realy wordpress expert.

here a citation from wordpress documentation:

Please note that language files for Plugins ARE NOT automatically loaded. Add this to the Plugin code to make sure the language file(s) are loaded:

load_plugin_textdomain('your-unique-name', false, basename( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . '/languages' );

To fetch a string simply use __('String name','your-unique-name'); to return the translation or _e('String name','your-unique-name'); to echo the translation. Translations will then go into your plugin's /languages folder.

Please check here http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin#Internationalizing_Your_Plugin

GOAL: 1. the plugin must be working 100% in german. please translate the other 75% from english to german. 2. it must be possible at any time to edit the .mo and .po files in poeditor and upload the fresh files to the language folder from this plugin. now the german user interface must be updated. 3. when you work this job, i will send you the plugin, where is included the language folder, and inside this folder are the ready translated .mo and .po files. also you become access to the wordpress installation and the ftp.

Thanks for any suggestion and help!
Regards from Germany

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