Desktop & Mobile Landing Page Developer + Server Admin + Technical Guru


Job Description

Approximately six months ago I founded a digital ad agency with two partners here in Santa Monica, California. In a nutshell, we work with companies who have a presence online and market their services to users both in the US and internationally. Our methods of marketing are fairly unique however we use a combination of paid media buys as well as social and organic tools to deliver leads to our clients. Some of the major verticals we work in are in the daily deal industry as well as the legal lead generation industry. Since we started our company our client list has grown substantially and I am in desperate need of someone to help me handle some of the technical tasks which I used to take care of. Essentially I need someone to take over the technical side of our operation so that I can better focus my time on delivering traffic to clients and increasing our accounts receivable.

More specifically I need someone to handle things like this:

1. Landing Page Creation/Optimization
2. Landing Page Design/Replication
3. Mobile Landing Page Design/Optimization
4. Landing Page Creative Design/Graphical Work
5. Web Hosting Review/Optimization
6. Javascript Landing Page Design/Responsive Page Design
7. Wordpress Plugin Installation/Upkeep
8. Possibly Content Writing/Ad Copy Design
9. Any Technical Task Related To Marketing Online
10. Possibly Code Mobile App? (Long-term project)

Bottom line I am looking to build a relationship with an american who knows and can grow with our agency as we develop more business and our needs change. I am not looking for someone who knows how to do everything above necessarily, but I am looking for someone who is a fast learner and who has the technical brain which I don't. More importantly, I am looking for someone who can understand and always remember that QUANTITY is much more important than quality in this case and someone who can handle a 5 minute job in 5 minutes instead of 2 hours.

Last but not least I need someone who understands the world of marketing and advertising online or at the very least someone who has the drive and desire to learn it.